2000s Jumbo Green Ape Head Bape T-Shirt

2000s Jumbo Green Ape Head Bape T-Shirt

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Revitalize your wardrobe with our exclusive collection of 2000s vintage Bape t-shirts, the perfect solution for enthusiasts seeking to infuse authentic, iconic style into their clothing collection. Each Bape shirt in this carefully selected range hails from the influential Y2K era, offering a unique blend of historical significance and timeless streetwear appeal. Sourced directly from Japan, these rare finds are authentic pieces of the revered Bathing Ape legacy.
  • Authentic Bape T-Shirts: Each shirt is a verified original, ensuring you own a true piece of the Bape brand.
  • 2000s Vintage Appeal: These shirts are from the iconic Y2K era, reflecting the unique trends and styles of the time.
  • Rare and Exclusive Finds: Limited in availability, each Bape shirt in this collection is a unique treasure, perfect for collectors and fashion enthusiasts.
  • Japanese Sourcing: Imported directly from Japan, these t-shirts offer an authentic experience of the Bape brand's origins.

Upon acquiring one of these exclusive Bape t-shirts, you'll feel a profound connection to the pioneering days of streetwear. Each bathing ape shirt is not just a garment; it's a statement of your appreciation for fashion history and your commitment to timeless style. Wearing these t-shirts, you'll exude confidence, knowing you possess a rare piece of the Bape legacy. These shirts do more than just complete an outfit; they tell a story, your story, of a discerning taste in fashion and a deep reverence for the Bape brand.

Elevate your wardrobe today with our vintage Bape t-shirts and experience the unique blend of history, style, and exclusivity.


Chest 22.5 in 57.1 cm
Length 28 in 66 cm
Shoulders 19.5 in 49.5 cm
Sleeve Length in 17.8 cm
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